About Us

My husband, Tom, and I, Rachel, live in Vallejo, California, which is about 30 miles northeast of San Francisco. We're a fairly large city with a population of 120,000. We are fortunate to live here in California with the fantastic weather and access to not only beaches in the summer but also world renowned ski resorts in the winter.

Both of us have full time jobs in the construction industry. He works in electrical wholesale and work in landscape architecture. In our "spare" time we run an urban farm called Dog Island Farm. I also write for Homegrown.org once a month.

We started growing our own food 5 years ago when we lived in Napa, California. 3 1/2 years ago we got our first chickens. We bought a home in Vallejo with a 1/4 acre which allowed us to expand our "operation." It was all downhill from there. We now raise chickens, goats, rabbits, dogs, cats and a kid.