The Rules

The Rules are simple.
For one year we will not buy food from a supermarket, convenience store, box store or restaurant starting October 1st, 2010 and ending September 30th, 2011.

Farmer's markets, our garden, friends, family, roadside stands, actual butchers, co-ops, CSAs, bulk grain suppliers, etc are permitted. Any food we currently have in the cupboards is permitted as well (we don't want to waste food), however, once they run out we cannot go to a "banned" store to replace it - we must find an alternative source.We will not "stock up" before the start date. So between now and then we will just continue to shop like we normally do.

To save our relationships, eating at the homes of friends and family is allowed.

While our project mainly focuses on food we will also be making a concerted effort to reduce our dependence on commercial household products and toiletries. Some items we won't be giving up though (like toilet paper) and will need to purchase them from stores.