Saturday, November 6, 2010

Week 5 Menus

Pot Roast with grass fed beef, carrots from the farmers' market, potatoes and swiss chard from the garden.

We were invited to dinner at a family friends' house and had sausage sandwiches and amazing minestrone soup and salad.

Green Chili Stew with pasture-raised pork, roasted hatch green chilies from my mom, tomatillos, onions, corn, and potatoes from the garden.

We all kind of just did our own thing. 

Tom's homemade spaghetti with handmade pasta
Huckleberry crisp from huckleberries that we foraged on Sunday.

Grassfed beef stirfry with mushrooms, peppers, broccoli, and spinach from the farmers' market.

BBQ Pheasant with rice and swiss chard from the garden.

Food has a different meaning now. Our lives have definitely become more focused on food - and yet it's not. It's definitely more focused on preparing food and less about eating it. Food is more "precious" because we put so much care into making it. I  feel really good. And can I say that my skin has improved significantly? I used to get nasty breakouts and I haven't had one this past month since starting this project. I haven't changed any other part of my daily routine, so my diet seems to be the biggest factor. I'm going to be writing this week about how difficult this is. A lot of people keep saying how amazed they are that we're doing this and I want to discuss it.

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  1. Thanks for the oppertunity to see your family's menu. For me menu planning is the hardest factor in eating well when one places these constraints on ourselves.