Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why We're Doing This - Reason #6

I can't stress enough how IMPORTANT it is to know your farmer and your food. One of the biggest things that has changed for us is where our meat comes from. All of our meat now, if we don't raise it ourselves, comes from hunting (pheasants and geese from Jeanette) or is pasture raised and slaughtered humanely usually in the form of ranch kill. Ranch kill is done, as the name implies, at the ranch, where the animal is at home. It is less stressed and their death is much more humane and quick. The meat is much more expensive, however, we are now eating less of it and with the other changes we have made in our diet we are still spending less on food than we were when we were buying junk from the grocery store.

Recently an undercover HSUS investigator went to a pig farm owned by a subsidiary of Smithfield. Here's a short video that I think everyone should watch. You can also read more about it here.


  1. This is just heartbreaking...thanks for letting me know this.

  2. Horrible but not surprising. I could hardly watch. I'm going to have to watch what kind of pork i buy.

  3. PS Thank you for sharing this. Today I was looking at a ham and remembered your post, looked at the label and yes it was Smithfield. Tossed it back. I'm am trying to locate local pork and beef humanely raised in my area. No, it's not easy. I'd rather starve than purchase from this company again. As painful as this video is everyone needs to see it. I'm posting it on my blog in a few days and am linking to your blog if I have your permission. Thanks, again. I had no idea this kind of savagery existed.

  4. You are quite welcome and more than welcome to post this on your blog. Have you tried looking through or You might be able to find local ranchers near you.