Monday, May 16, 2011

Week 32- The Mistake

Bacon and Eggs with potatoes

Green chili stew with tomatillos and roasted chilis from our garden (frozen from previous summer). Potatoes from the farmers' market.

Leftover green chili stew.

French Toast. We then went to a meeting where I had a slice of pizza: The Mistake.

Pork chops with a green salad and artichokes from our garden.

Homemade fresh sausage with homemade rolls and sauerkraut and sauteed onions with a side of sauteed kale from our garden.

Pork roast with roasted potatoes from the farmers' market and turnips from our garden and peas from our garden.

The Mistake. OK, so staying gluten free didn't last all that long. I found that my asthma wasn't improving so I threw in the towel. It's tough avoiding gluten when no one else in the house is. Anyways, Wednesday we went to a meeting and they were serving pizza so I decided to have a slice. It's been so long since I've had commercially made pizza that I decided to splurge. I really wish I hadn't. Late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning I woke up with the worst stomach cramping. I got up and took some pepto bismal and tried to unsuccessfully go back to sleep. It didn't get better. By Friday afternoon I decided to call Kaiser's advice nurse. Apparently I just have some serious indigestion. Thanks Pizza.


  1. I feel your pain Rachel, doing the Gluten Free thing is tough if you don't absolutely have to do it - The solution to your problem is Milk Kefir! A small glass of it (not straight from the refrigerator cold is preferable) helps with that type of indigestion a whole lot. A little pot helps too.

    But yeah, I can't imagine trying to do the GF thing when the rest of the house is on a normal diet!