Thursday, October 13, 2011


We've got a ton of new faces around here which is awesome! Thanks for following us!

Even though our year is over, we're continuing on and I'll still be posting regularly here. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have and if you need any advice just let us know. We totally understand that it can be really daunting if you don't know where to start.

In the meantime, here's a silly picture of our dog, Squeak, playing in the sprinkler.


  1. I stumbled across your story on Yahoo news :) so glad that I did!! I'm so energized by your blog!! I spend an average of 200.00 a week on groceries!! That's insane when you add it up at 10,000 a year + eating out + pit stops for McDonald's sweet tea etc....
    We live in a condo so no animals, but I can grow herbs in a small green house, make my own bread and nut mylks and nut butters.
    I have celiacs disease so no gluten for me and dairy does horrible things to my system... so I would not have to worry about things like dairy, we live in Central Florida and we have a great farmer's market, but our closest co-op is in Orlando a good hour away. but I do want to research and plan for this in the future for my family.
    I have read almost your entire journey, but I didn't find things like paper products, did you not use any? paper towels and paper plates is not a big deal, but what of toilet tissue? if you blogged about it I'm sorry but I missed it :/
    I'll take all the advise and tips you got!!
    Thank-you for sharing your journey!! You are an inspiration!!
    Central Florida

  2. LOL...found the toilet paper question :/

  3. Liz, Thanks for commenting! Sooooo, paper products. We didn't talk much about those, you're right. We still use toilet paper, but we buy the recycled stuff.

  4. Hello! I saw your article on Yahoo today. I have been talking with my husband for quite some time now about doing something similar to what you all are doing. So glad I found your blog - it gives me encouragement!! I can't wait to get home (I'm currently at work, on lunch break) and finish reading! One question, can I get your recipes? Thank You for what you are doing!

  5. Just to let you know, I'm "Following" now too, from NW Illinois.

    I found you on Yahoo! News today too :)

    Big smiles,

  6. I think I was your 2nd or 3rd follower! Still here :)

  7. Hi Rachel:
    I have been reading your story since Thursday at and could not put it down or every chance that I got wherever I was, i would read..heck I even left it open all day at work this past Friday so that I could I was so enlightened and reminded of the things that one can do to become self-sufficient or at least "less" dependent on grocery stores. Even though i live in an apartment, i have started a garden in the empty space at work in pots. I am such a gardener that it hurts to live in an upstairs apt with no balcony for the past 3 years. I was on my way to becoming self-sustaining when my world was turned upside down with a divorce and i had to move from the country to the city to survive. Anywho, i read Mother Earth and other magazines which contribute to the organic movement and was very excited to read your blog. You all gave me quite a few good laughs, some hold-my-breath moments, some unbelievable moments and some sad moments. But over all, I was so proud of you for even thinking about this and the fact that you have such a supporting spouse is awesome...he made me laugh. And my goodness!!!! The recipes!!! Most of them I said "Holy Cow how did she come up with that recipe!!" I loved the pickling segments. Truthfully, there was nothing that i truly did not like, except for the in humane slaughtering. I've already told my hubby that that's what I want to do one day whenever we move into a home. Until then...i'm going to grow as much as i can for our health. I already do not buy canned veggies or fruit. I prefer "fresh" even in the winter months which I intend grow throughout this year. Thank you for this blog and i look forward to reading more.
    Hummerbum "Savannah, GA"