Monday, August 23, 2010

Milk Found! ...Maybe....

I think I may have found two sources for milk. While not ideal they might have to do if I can't find a better option. Apparently there are no dairies near us that will deliver milk or allow us to pick the milk up from them. The first option is our co-op. They offer organic milk in bulk. This is definitely not my first option because I don't really want to have to freeze milk. Our second option is Planet Organics. They are kind of like a CSA but slightly more grocery like as they also offer household items. Again, not ideal. We used them a few years ago. They drop off a box of seasonal organic produce (or dairy or handmade food) that is from local farms and restaurants once a week to your home.

To be honest I'm torn about this. While Planet Organics is not a grocery store, it is definitely walking the line. On the same token there is the issue of gas. It would be much more efficient to have them deliver to us than for us to drive every week to some far off dairy (if we can find one) or farmer's market just to buy milk.

Planet Organics is also a better option compared to the co-op, not only because of the freezing of the milk, but also because the milk won't travel as far. Through Planet Organics, the milk originates in Sonoma County, gets delivered to Sonoma and then delivered to us. Through the co-op it originates in Sonoma County, then gets delivered to a warehouse in Rocklin (past Sacramento) and then comes all the way back to us.

We hope to only need this milk for 5 months - then our goats will take over. I don't really want to give up milk and I know Tom definitely doesn't want to give it up.

So my awesome readers, what's your opinion on these choices? Do you think Planet Organics would be cheating? If you do then we will continue our search.


  1. I don't have an opinion on Planet organic but I live in Vacaville and there is a goat dairy farm here where I get raw goat milk from. $9 a gallon which is alot better then some.

  2. I'm coming late to the table here (so to speak), but...why do you need milk? It's an unnatural thing to be drinking the baby food from another species, don't you think?

    I apologize if you might have mentioned this later on (I'm actually coming into your blog with this post), but it seems to me that part of this experiment should be about rethinking WHY you eat some of the foods you eat, as well as where they come from.

  3. I personally like milk and I love cheese even more.

    I'm not about eliminating whole foods that make up a large part of most people's diets. By doing that people would be more likely to tune me out and then my message doesn't get to anyone other than those that are already doing it. That doesn't change anything.

  4. Using the argument that consuming milk is unnatural, it is also unnatural to wear clothes, or use a stove. This is a non-issue in the 21st century.

  5. Lisa, I think that's probably the greatest argument I've ever heard! :)