Thursday, August 19, 2010

Milk - Where are You?

Milk. Wow! I didn't think it would be that difficult to source milk outside of a grocery store considering there are dozens upon dozens of dairy farms around us. I'm also finding that most farmers' markets don't have anyone selling dairy and if someone does it's only in the form of cheese or butter.

I did find some milkmen - yes, the traditional milkman that delivers milk once a week to your door - but they seem to only be located in affluent areas and well, I don't live in one of those. It's quickly becoming clear to me that due to my location this might be a more difficult project than I thought. We are in a very economically depressed area, but unlike other cities like Oakland we don't have an upper crust or foodie scene.

We do have goats, but we haven't bred them yet and are waiting until October to do so. Then we have to wait another 5 months before they give birth before we can start milking them. So we need to find a milk source for at least the first 5 months of our project.

If you have ideas on where I can find milk please let me know.


  1. Is there a CSA? The dairy farmers that sell cheese at our farmers market also sell raw milk from another farm--I think it's Claravale. Do they sell at any farmers markets near you or participate in any CSAs in your area? The tofu people at our farmers market also sell soy milk, so that could be an option too. But you're in Vallejo, right? So I guess the options are very different there from what they are here in Mountain View.

  2. I will continue the search for a CSA that will just do dairy and deliver to Vallejo, though I haven't found one yet.

    Our farmer's market options are rather limited as well.

    I, unfortunately, have an intolerance to soy so I can't do soy milk (or soy anything for that matter), but it is a good suggestion.

  3. I asked my daughter who lives in St. Augustine Florida and they actually have a farmers market around her area which sells milk in returnable glass containers. We have nothing like that here. The only thing i could think of would be a bulkfood ware house and go powdered? Having endured numerous hurricanes it is painfully obvious to me that 98% of the population could not survive without a grocery store and those shelves empty out in hours.