Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What We've Already Got

There are a few things we've already got plenty of - at least enough to last the entire year. The bonus is these items never came from a "banned" store. Many, many years ago - before I was even born - my mom was a Mormon. Mormons are known for their ability to stockpile essential goods in case of an emergency. These goods included buckets and buckets of wheat and granulated sugar. My mom is no longer Mormon and since she's moving she really didn't want to haul all of this stuff halfway across the country. Tom and I graciously took it and are now storing it. So we are fortunate now to have all the wheat and sugar we could ever possibly want.

I've also got a 50lb bag of salt in our garage (don't ask because I really don't know why I bought it), a quart of commercial lemon juice in my freezer and a whole turkey. I'm not sure why we have so much lemon juice (other than it's very handy for canning goods), but I do know that we got the turkey right after Thanksgiving last year because it was ridiculously cheap. Oh, and also have several gallon bags filled with pork from a BBQ we had last June where we roasted a whole hog (bought straight off the farm).

The next things I need to find are vinegar and vegetable oil. Oh, and I need to find a dairy for the next few months.


  1. Hi, I saw you post on Dog Island Farm and I'm so excited for this! Good luck!

  2. Who may be the next NO Impact documentary. I'm in!