Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You Are What You Eat.

Without really delving into it, I have some experience with ADHD (not my own ADHD). An article came out last week on Civil Eats that really supports our views on food, how it affects the body, specifically with ADHD in children. I think there is definitely something they are on to. If you think about it, when we were kids ADHD wasn't a term I had ever heard. Our diets were also based on whole foods rather than the crap that kids get today, especially in school, where it should be the most important.

I have a feeling Big Pharma will now try to discredit the study as soon as possible so they can continue to sell drugs to families. Big Pharma won't be the only lobby. The Food Industrial Complex will be on it as well. Here's a woman that has taken on the food industry after watching her child develop an allergic reaction to commonly fed foods today. Definitely worth watching.


  1. That means I am a medium sized bowl of spaghetti with homemade pesto and shaved parmesan. Mmmm! I can live with that!

  2. I'm a big loaf of bread with bacon on the side. :)