Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Week 49 - Holy Crap! Just 3 more weeks!

We went to a block party. We brought a cucumber and dry farmed tomato salad.

Roasted chicken with fried potatoes and sauteed zucchini with LOTS of garlic

Spicy gazpacho with homemade herb tortillas. 

Pork stir fry with corn, peppers, onions, eggplant, and zucchini from the garden.

Frittata with rabbit sausage, peppers and onions from the garden.

We went to our friends' home for dinner where we had rabbit, kale and cornbread. We brought Spice Honey Pear sorbet for dessert.

See "Reflections" below.

We had to get on a plane on Saturday. It was a day of complete riduculousness. First off, it was going to be an all day trip. It actually ended up being even longer than we anticipated thanks to mechanical problems on both planes. 8am-11:30pm. It was a really long day. It also meant we were in a bind in regards to food. Canned goods were obviously out of the question. Nothing with liquid was allowed either. And of course no way to keep anything cold. Well, stupid me thought that we could just get away with eating what they served on the flight. It just so happens the airline changed all of their food service right before our trip and they no longer served any food on any flight for free. Not even peanuts. What a freaking racket they've got going on. When we got our tickets we were allowed one checked bag per person for free. That also changed. So we ended up having to buy food. Crappy food at that.

We were supposed to get to our destination in plenty of time to eat dinner. It didn't happen so we ended up having to buy a couple of salads for dinner.

The whole situation pissed me off. We should have planned our travel day better. But we ran out of time and had to compromise ourselves.


  1. Life happens. I would not call this "compromise"! Too bad you weren't flying Air France. They used to have the best food....but then again that was a while ago...they probably charge for a peanut now...oh wait.....they probably don't serve peanuts due to the allergy hoopla...

  2. I don't think what you guys are doing is easy....not everyone can do it

  3. Of course not everyone can be an urban (or rural) farmer but if you do your research you can definitely reduce your dependence on the grocery store.