Friday, October 8, 2010

First Week Run Down

Breakfast, lunch and snacks are usually eggs or granola, the previous evening's leftovers, fruit from the farmer's market and homemade bread.

So here is a list of what we had for dinner this week:

BBQ Chicken with the last of our commercial BBQ Sauce
Peas (from our garden)
Squash puree (from our garden)

Lasagna (homemade cheese, oven roasted sauce with tomatoes from our garden, grass fed beef from our friends)
Homemade Artisan Bread
Salad (brought by my mother-in-law)
Pumpkin Cupcakes (pumpkin from our garden) with homemade cream cheese frosting

Braised Rabbit (our rabbit, carrots and celery from farmers' market, homebrewed scotch ale)
Bok choy (from our garden) sauteed with pepper flakes
Penne Pasta

Eggs in a Nest (eggs from our hens, carrots from farmers' market, swiss chard, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, and onions from our garden)
Granny Smith Apple Crisp (from our garden and the farmers' market)

Meatloaf (onions from garden, eggs from our hens, mushrooms from farmers' market, oats from co-op, homemade ketchup from our garden)
Potatoes (from our garden)
Granny Smith Apple Crisp
Bonus: Our awesome next door neighbors brought over some homemade 7 layer dip and chips for us (they don't know about our project, but it's still "legal" since it was given to us).

We were so busy neither of us wanted to cook a big meal. Tom had a salad (veggies from garden and farmers' market) and I had some leftover top ramen (that we actually bought over a year ago).

Another busy day so we just had rice and beans.

Pizza made with whey dough, homemade mozzarella, spinach (from the farmers' market), onions (from the garden), oven roasted tomato sauce (same as last Friday), sun dried tomatoes (from our garden).
Custard pie (with eggs from our hens).

This has been an interesting week. It hasn't been smooth, but it has been tolerable. Lunch seems to be the most difficult meal to do because we're never really interested in really cooking anything like we do for dinner, or even breakfast. I have found that I'm doing a lot more baking. A LOT more. I used to only bake for special occasions. Now I'm baking at least twice a week. I'm making stuff I've never made before - like the custard pie. Of course it helps that it's no longer hot outside, so our kitchen isn't smoldering.

After this week it is clear that planning IS really crucial. Also, it's important that unless it is IN our house, don't plan to use it yet.


  1. Can I come live at your house? I could be part of the a lab rat or something. This menu is fabulous! You go girl!

  2. What ever happened to Peanut butter = peanuts ground with maybe a little salt? It's kinda like calling Cheez-Whiz cheese ... it's basically artificial.

  3. Oops my comment was tied to why you're doing this Reason #2 ... Jif "peanut butter"