Saturday, October 16, 2010

Week 2 Menu Download

Homemade bread
Custard Pie (see week's one menu)

Beans with pork left over from summer pig roast. Carrots from farmers' market

Cioppino leftovers

Salisbury steak (grass fed beef from friends) with onion mushroom gravy (mushrooms from farmers' market, onions from garden), mashed potatoes (from garden) and cauliflower (from farmers' market)
Homemade lemon popcicles (lemons from neighbor's tree)

Tom had a salad from our garden spoils. I wasn't really hungry so I didn't eat anything.

Pasta with grass fed beef sirloin (from friends), spinach and mushrooms (from farmers' market) and a homemade white sauce.

Pasta with chicken (found buried in freezer), broccoli (from farmers' market) and zucchini (from garden) with a creamy mustard sauce (mustard from Angelo's Meats - best damn mustard I've ever had too!).

Tom's a bit bitter about the missed co-op order. Because of it, we're out of chili powder and sea salt. We've resorted to using regular table salt (from a giant bag in our garage that we use for brining meat) and it's way too salty and hard to pinch out of the bowl (we don't use a salt shaker).
This week we've been getting asked more and more about how it's going. Right now it's fine. I do find myself spending most of the day on Friday (which I have off right now) making bread, cheese and other various items for the upcoming week.
Our main focus this week has actually been on breeding our goats, so the food has taken the back burner.
Tonight we're having a big potluck with some of our homesteading friends. We'll be serving a squash lasagna with bread and marinated and grilled eggplant. It's going to be a lot of fun.

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