Saturday, April 23, 2011

Week 29 - No Gluten

Artichokes and more artichokes. Oh, and a baked potato

Eggs and fried potatoes.

Pork stirfry with rice.

Cracked crab with a cabbage salad and artichokes.

Venison burgers with a cabbage salad and artichokes.

Pork chops with mashed potatoes and chard from our garden.

Smoked duck, kohlrabi, mushroom, and onion stir fry with an orange sauce and rice. 

Reflections - 
Since the cold I had several weeks ago my asthma has been bothering me pretty badly. Usually it manifests itself as a dry, hacking cough. On Thursday my friend, Michele, posted an article on a link between gluten and asthma. I'd been kind of thinking about going sans gluten but this kind of pushed me over the edge. That day I noticed that when I eat bread my coughing got worse so I'm going to see if my asthmatic cough will go away faster if I remove gluten from my diet. So far, even after just two days, I've noticed a marked difference. I'm not hacking before bed, which to me is huge because it means I (and Tom) can fall asleep faster. So we'll see if this works. As for Tom, he's still eating bread and other foods with gluten in them.


  1. It's amazing to see how much better your body feels when you cut the dairy and gluten out. I'm always dairy free but when my colitis is starting to act-up I do a couple of weeks gluten free too. I call it the caveman's diet. Hope you feel better soon.