Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cheese Emergency!!!

We have been having terrible luck with online companies lately. First there was the bee suit fiasco last week. We took a top bar beekeeping class last Sunday. I had ordered some bee suits and had specified the shipping method so that we would get them in time for the class. Well, the company (that shall remain unnamed) didn't ship them how I specified and we quickly realized on Saturday that we weren't getting them. We ended up having to run and find another store that could sell us what we needed. The store we found ended up being about an hour and a half away. So that was our first shipping problem.

Then there was the cheese fiasco.

My stepson is turning 13 tomorrow, so on Saturday we're having a birthday party for him. The plan was that we were going to make lasagna completely homemade, including the cheese. I have all the milk and cream needed, all I needed was the mozzarella kit that I had ordered last week. I ordered it from a company I use regularly with good luck. The kit was in stock and their site said they ship out within 1-2 days. Not only that, they are located in Northern California as well, so shipping should only be about a day.

Well, by yesterday it dawned on me that I should have received it by now so I called and left a message. They called me back today and left a message saying that they would be shipping it out next week! I was so mad I actually started stomping. I promptly called them back and canceled my order

It was too late. I can't order online anywhere else in time. I don't know of any storefront around here that sells cheesemaking supplies. Then it dawned on me! There's a woman that sells homesteading supplies in Oakland! Her shop is Farm Curious. I emailed her the following:

I have a cheese emergency! I ordered the 30-minute mozzarella kit last week and, of course, need it for a dinner I'm hosting on Saturday (Oct. 2nd) and even though they say they ship in 1-2 days they aren't shipping it until later next week!!!!! So now I'm in need of a kit by Saturday. "But why can't you buy some mozzarella from the store?" you ask. Because starting tomorrow, my husband and I are giving up buying food at the grocery store for a year - yes we are gluttons for punishment.

I'm in Vallejo. I know you're local, in Oakland. Is there any way I can buy the kit through your site and then pick it up or something? Pretty please? Thanks!

Apparently I had her at "...cheese emergency!" She had what I needed. Yes! Traffic sucked, but we've got our kit now!


  1. I can totally understand a cheese emergency since I live on the stuff. Funny. Glad you got your kit.

  2. I wish you had called or sent me a message. I have some shredding style mozzarella in the freezer that I would have been glad to give you. Much better than the 30 minute recipe. I need to have you guys over one day to make some together. It's pretty damn good!

  3. Kitty, thanks for the offer, but I need to learn how to make it anyways, and this is the first step. I'm sure you didn't just jump right in and make the shredding style first (since you seem to know how it tastes in comparison).

  4. Day 1 and already a cheese emergency. I have to laugh as there is noting funnier than the phrase, "cheese emergency." This is going to be a very interesting year...can't wait to read about your further antics.

  5. Ah, I've had the cheese emergency before. Like the "Oh crap, we got the wrong kind of rennet" cheese emergency. Then there's the kitty litter emergency, the half 'n' half emergency...

  6. I have to admit that I have a thing for people who can use the words 'cheese' and 'emergency' in the same sentence in all seriousness. Glad I could help! Looking forward to reading your adventures. -Nicole