Monday, September 27, 2010

Planning our First Dinner

Hmmmm, what shall we have as our first dinner for The Project? It has got to be memorable and something we don't do too often. We've got a freezer full of beef and some chicken, though we're not opposed to vegetarian. Basically the only parameters is that it must be made from what is in season. Unfortunately we don't have a farmers' market between now and then, but we can hit up a produce stand if need be.

So does anyone have any EXCELLENT ideas for the first dinner? Do you have a fantastic recipe you just HAVE to share?


  1. *Stroganoff with homemade noodles?

    *Beef stew with veggies.

    *Creamy vegetarian pot pies with homemade crust.

    *Meatloaf with veggies or vegetable loaf with veggies, mashed herbed potaotes.

    *Pasta wth veggies and homemade tomato sauce/marinara sauce. Cheese? Homemade noodles?

  2. Ha ha, other than the pot pies (we do make shepards pie), those are some of our go-to meals! Great minds think alike.

  3. Mushroom stroganoff, excellent with whatever muchrooms are available. I use portabellos and buttons, I don't have a lot of choices where I live, I am growing some of my own this year so this is what I will have for the table this year.
    I'll keep thinking of things.

  4. I'm stumped now.
    Great minds do think alike. LOL

  5. Boeuf Bourguignon over egg noodles or rice?
    Roasted veggies with crock pot pulled chicken?
    Butternut squash soup and mushroom grilled cheese sammiches?