Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Falling into Place

At least that's what it seems. This weekend a friend of the family told us she knows an organic dairy that we might be able to get milk from directly that is near us. That's beyond awesome. Dairy farms totally get the shaft and I'm amazed we even have any. While milk prices have gone up drastically the actual farmer rarely sees enough to cover production. Where does all that money go to? The supermarkets and distributors. I'd much rather get my milk directly from the farmer and pay them market price.

Tonight I also made my first batch of granola with the rolled oats we bought from the co-op. I'm impressed. They seem to absorb the liquids and flavors a lot better than the other oats I was using. I'm not sure the difference. Maybe the thickness is different. Anyways, it's a lot tastier.

Tomorrow we go shopping for our new freezer. We still don't know where we are going to put it, but we'll figure it out....somehow.


  1. It is fascinating to read about all things you are doing to prepare for your year without groceries!

  2. i'm reading it in 2012
    well i live in greece but it is really intersting