Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week 16 - 4 Months In

Sunday -
Stuffed portobello mushrooms with sausage.

Monday -
Pizza with bacon, spinach, grilled onions and mushrooms.

Tuesday -
Beef stroganoff with grassfed beef and handmade noodles. 

Wednesday -
We had to eat and run so I just had a homemade peanut butter and honey sandwich on homemade bread. 

Thursday -
Grassfed beef shanks with mashed potatoes from the farmers' market, broccoli from the farmers' market and cauliflower from our garden.

Friday - 
Another eat and run night because we were off to see Joel Salatin talk. We had sandwiches with bread from the Model Bakery and meat from the Fatted Calf.

Saturday - 
Mashed sweet potatoes with pastured pork porterhouse steaks and steamed cauliflower from our garden.

Reflections - 
The co-op order can't come soon enough! And when we do make it, it's going to be pretty big because we're so low on so many things. Vegetable oil, flour, sugar, corn starch, all things we're low on. Spring is coming quick which also means we'll be planting a lot! I'm excited about this because I'm hoping to up production in the garden. My goal is one ton of food this year. I think it's doable with the right planning. We learned a lot this past year about what our garden can do.

Next weekend is the Twain's feast. It's a potluck dinner based off of Mark Twain's list of 80 "American" foods that he missed when he was in Europe. To attend all you have to do is bring a dish from off that list. We're going to be bringing squash pie. It will also be a book signing and discussion of Andrew Beahrs' Twain's Feast. I'm really looking forward to this event! Now off to go find a tradtional 1870's squash pie recipe.

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