Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week 17 - Putting a Face on Our Food

One of the 3 Wyandottes that we had

Sunday -
Grassfed beef hamburgers on homemade buns. Sauteed onions from the farmers' market, homemade ketchup, homemade mayo, homemade pickles and jalapenos. And cauliflower from our garden.

Monday -
Roasted winter squash from our garden with falafel on homemade tortillas and tzatziki.

Tuesday -
Coq au vin from our last Silver Laced Wyandotte that was at the end of her egg laying days.

Wednesday - 
Fend for yourself night

Thursday - 
Spaghetti with homemade pasta. 

Friday -
No one seemed hungry so we didn't prepare anything. 

Saturday -
Pork rib roast with potatoes from the farmers' market and sauteed cabbage from our garden.

Reflections -
I'm finding that we eat dinner a lot less than we did when we went to the grocery store. We get home from work and we're just too tired to prepare anything or we're not all that hungry so we just don't eat. It's fine by me. I'm also finding that places I once loved I no longer want. I used to love Panda Express. Their orange chicken was my favorite. Now, just thinking about it makes me a little sick to my stomach.


  1. what time do you guys usually eat dinner and how long does it take you to cook? i'm kinda slow in the kitchen and we're trying to avoid eating out so much, but since the hubby will have a freakfest if he doesn't eat by 5:30 (not kidding, he's got some crazy clock in him) and i don't get home with the kid from her various lessons/classes until 6:30, i have to cook in the afternoon. it works. i'm just wondering how other folks squeeze in good homemade cooking when they work all day.

  2. We get home about 4:30 or 5pm Mon-Thurs. I only work half days on Fridays but sometimes I'm out and about after work running errands and Tom has to pick up Junior so he's not home until after 6pm. We usually don't figure out what to eat until our drive home from work (we carpool). We get home, deal with all the animals and then start making dinner. Usually we eat around 6:30pm depending on what we're making.

  3. Yea, some nights my brothers come downstairs or my husband comes upstairs and they ask "Are we having dinner?" Sometimes we make something and others we just fend for ourselves because not everyone here eats on the same schedule due to work. Being tired doesn't help either, so we always have hummus and veggies and pita on hand for impromptu meals.

  4. K! Panda Express is awful food! I guess i am way to spoiled in our area as we have so many good Viet and Thai places.

  5. Has the no grocery thing saved you guy's money? I would like to get things all locally and organic/grass fed when possible but my hubby has a fit if I go over budget! I would love to try doing this so if any of you have any pointers it would be great!

  6. I guess it depends on where you shop now. We used to, years ago, shop at the big chain supermarkets and it wasn't cheap. We changed and started shopping pretty much exclusively at Trader Joe's which saved us a ton of money compared to that big chain store. We would usually spend about $120-180 a week on food. I need to update the side bar but I worked it out that now we're spending on average about $80/week and we're buying much higher quality food. That said, we're now buying a lot of stuff in bulk so the costs upfront are higher but over the long term they work out to be less. I truly feel like this has GREAT benefits over the long term not only on your health but also your pocketbook. You'll feel better and be healthier which means less doctor visits.

    As a cavaet, I'm a total cheapskate. I hardly ever pay full or even retail price for anything. If I can make it or find it for free there's no way I'll buy it.

  7. And your stepson? What does he do when you two are too tired to cook dinner?

  8. Currently he isn't with us during the week but if he was we'd cook dinner.