Sunday, January 2, 2011

Your Gotta Have it Kitchen Gadgets

Every once in awhile I buy a kitchen gadget and then quickly realize "How did I ever do this without this thing?" Yesterday I bought pastry fabric for the first time. Why in the world was I ever just using a cutting board to roll out dough? Seriously. Food mill, immersion blender, mandoline - they all are indispensable in our kitchen now. So I ask you, my readers, what are your favorite kitchen tools?


  1. Hand-crank pasta roller/cutter, hinged lemon/lime juicer, bread machine (mostly just for the dough setting - I don't like baking in it).

  2. I have a little electric chopper that pulverizes garlic and onions in seconds! No more tears for me. Best. Gadget. Ever. I would love a mandoline, too, though. Hmm...maybe I need to go spend some Christmas money on one. =)

  3. I'm a cheap date. I love my potato peeler. I also have a small electric juicer I traded a bedspread for in the 80's that I get so much usage out of although I was banned from squeezing any more lemons from the tree at Christmas because it's making a horrible sound like scraping fingernails on a black board. Boo Hoo! I really loved the old girl.

  4. My kitchen tool love (in order):
    -Kitchen Aid mixer. Sure you can cook without it, but why would you?!
    -Kitchen shears
    -7 qt dutch oven
    -Immersion Blender
    -My new yogurt maker!

  5. How do you keep yours from sliding on the counter top. I used mine to roll crusts and after a few gave up.

  6. The trick is to apply pressure straight down rather than out. It forces the dough to move out without the fabric moving around.